AiR Frosterus

Frosterus Artist Residence

We welcome artists from all fields of art and design to apply to our residency at the beautiful natural landscape of Kärsämäki, Finland. Silence and a peaceful pace of life are part of the local culture at Kärsämäki. The river Pyhäjoki and the majestical Shingle church defines the landscape.

The Call for 2020 is out now! Apply by 30th September 2019.


Air Frosterus provides artists the time and peace to focus on their work. The beautiful location allows the guests to get inspired by Finnish nature and the four seasons. Though relaxed, the residents of Kärsämäki are very active in organizing events and they have a small town do-it-yourself-attitude.  With the hosting organization being a highly active force in the cultural scene of Kärsämäki, residency artists have a front-row seat to the local cultural life.

A possibility to arrange an exhibition is provided. Depending on the time of the residency a beautiful gallery space at the centre of Kärsämäki is provided for the artists to exhibit in. Community projects and workshops are welcomed. The opportunities to cooperate with the local artists and the community are good.

Air Frosterus can host up to four residencies for individuals or couples at once. Our spacious residence allows artists to choose if they want to concentrate on their own work or to collaborate with each other. All visiting artists have a private bedroom/study and the possibility to have their own studio for the period of their stay. The in-house shared studio and common areas allow artists to meet each other, collaborate and get inspired by the work of others.

We are a members of ResArtis and TransArtists worldwide network of artist residencies.