AiR Frosterus

Residency Information

What to expect?

Air Frosterus provides artists the time and peace to focus on their work. The beautiful location allows the guests to get inspired by Finnish nature and the four seasons. The length of a residency period can vary between one and six months.

Sauna, silence and a peaceful pace of life are all part of the local culture at Kärsämäki. Though relaxed, the residents of Kärsämäki are very active in organizing events and they have a small town do-it-yourself-attitude. With the hosting organization being a highly active force in the cultural scene of Kärsämäki, residency artists have a front-row seat to the local cultural life.

The residency programme is individually crafted for each artist. The outcome can be an exhibition, a public art work, a publication or something else, according to the project plan. Workshops and community projects are welcomed as a part of the programme, or as the main outcome.

We thrive to support our artists in their work and assist them in planning and managing projects. A gallery space at the centre of Kärsämäki is provided for the artists to exhibit in. The opportunities to cooperate with the local artists and the community are good. Our volunteer workers are happy to help the artists in their work, to supervise the exhibitions and take part to arranging community projects or workshops when needed.

Air Frosterus can host up to four residencies for individuals or couples at once. Our spacious residence allows artists to choose if they want to concentrate on their own work or to collaborate with each other. All visiting artists have a private bedroom/study and the possibility to have their own studio for the period of their stay. The common areas allow artists to meet each other, collaborate and get inspired by the work of others.


General information

Duration of the residency period

2-4 months is the recommended duration of the stay
. Up to 6 month residency periods are available for artists working on community projects or other projects that can be seen as highly beneficial to local culture


Kattilakoski cooperative is a non-profit organization. Residency fees are used towards maintaining the residency house, a historically valuable vicarage.

Douple room/ one person – 315€/month

Douple room/ couple – 415€/month

10 percent discount for students

A booking fee of 100€ will be charged after the confirmation of the residency period. The booking fee will be compensated in the rent but not refunded if the residency period is cancelled.

Contact info

Pappilankuja 24, 86710 Kärsämäki, Finland

Tel +358 401476107



Kattilakoski culture cooperative is located in Kärsämäki and it is the thriving force behind the local cultural scene. The non-profit organization was established in 2012. It aims to promote local and national culture. The cooperative creates new international connections with the help of artist residence programs and European voluntary service projects. The cooperative collaborates with the local community, schools and artists.

Members of the cooperation are cultural associations with their own main focuses; Finland´s Life Story association arranges an annual Life Story Festival, a national story telling competition and provides critiques service for writers.  Art association Elsuupa is responsible for the annual Ars Kärsämäki, a recognized contemporary art summer exhibition. Shingle Church support association maintains the world known modern wooden church that was built at the beginning of this decade using methods from the 18th century. “Music in the Shingle Church” -association arranges a yearly three day classical music festival and invites musicians around the country to perform at the shingle church.



Kärsämäki is a rural municipality of 2800 habitats. The town is surrounded by forests and fields. Kärsämäki is located in the province of Oulu and is part of the Northern Ostrobothnia region.

How to get here?

By train
: The nearest train station is in Ylivieska, 70kms from Kärsämäki. A bus connection from Ylivieska to Kärsämäki is available.
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By plane
: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the most common place to fly to when arriving to Finland. From the city centre of Helsinki you can get a bus to Kärsämäki or a train to Ylivieska.
Oulu Airport is located 120km from Kärsämäki. There is a bus connection from the Oulu Bus Station to Kärsämäki.

By car
: Kärsämäki is situated in the middle of Finland, in the junction of E75 and road 28. Distance from Helsinki is ~500km and from Oulu ~120km. The nearest car rental shop is in Ylivieska, 70 km from Kärsämäki.

By bus: 
There are several daily bus connections to Kärsämäki.
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