Artist in Residence Frosterus

Surround yourself with peace and quiet, so you may focus on your art.

Winter scene from the rapids right next to the AiR Frosterus main building.

We welcome artists from all fields of art and design to apply to our residency at the beautiful natural landscape of Kärsämäki, Finland. Silence and a peaceful pace of life are part of the local culture at Kärsämäki. The river Pyhäjoki and the majestical Shingle church defines the landscape.

In case you can’t visit Finland right now, you are most welcome to apply for our virtual residency where you can be in contact with us and our audience.

All arts are welcome

Why to come to AiR Frosterus?


Air Frosterus provides artists the time and peace to focus on their work. The beautiful location allows the guests to get inspired by Finnish nature and the four seasons. The length of a residency period can vary between one and six months.


Welcome to a place of peace and quiet. We are here to help you get settled and flourish while focusing on getting inspired to make your best work so far.

– Heidi Kangaskokko, Kattilakosken osuuskunta


Kärsämäki is a rural municipality of 2800 habitats. The town is surrounded by forests and fields. Kärsämäki is located in the province of Oulu and is part of the Northern Ostrobothnia region.

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Picture from Nahkuri Art Gallery

Living expenses

2-4 months is the recommended duration of the stay. Up to 6 month residency periods are available for artists working on community projects or other projects that can be seen as highly beneficial to local culture.

A summery scene outside the Frosterus residence


Kattilakoski cooperative is a non-profit organization. Residency fees are used towards maintaining the residency house, a historically valuable vicarage.

Douple room/ one person


250€/two weeks

Douple room/ couple


350€/ two weeks

A booking fee of 100€ will be charged after the confirmation of the residency period. The booking fee will be compensated in the rent but not refunded if the residency period is cancelled.

The organization

Kattilakoski culture cooperative is located in Kärsämäki and it is the thriving force behind the local cultural scene. The non-profit organization was established in 2012. It aims to promote local and national culture.

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