The Virtual Residency is made for you

We invite you to show your art to the world safely and remotely.

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Using the virtual residency on a smartphone, looking at images of art.

The Idea of the virtual residency is to keep in contact with artists and audiences even in times of social distancing.

In addition to physical residence AiR Frosterus is also a virtual residence. Artists can share their work to the audience on our site without being physically available. There is a possibility to share social media posts, videos and streams as well as pictures and photos. Our aim is to promote artists and give room to conversations with our local and global audiences.

If you can’t visit us, you are still welcome to share your art in our virtual residency for a 1-6 months period of time.

Many ways to show your art

You can use this platform to share your art in many different ways: There are tools for sharing for example Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook feeds and also photos and podcasts. You can write stories or keep it short. You choose, we provide.

We will guide you to build your own profile in the virtual residency.


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