Anni Kristiina

Anni Kristiina (b. 1990) is a Finnish visual artist and printmaker.

Anni Kristiina (b. 1990) is a visual artist living in Lappeenranta. Anni works mainly with drawing art, and graphic art. Recently, Anni has been working with pencil drawing. The drawing style is very realistic, but the image often hides surprising details, opposites, and symbolism.

The large pencil drawings depict the human being, and the human body. People in the drawings are quite anonymous, but they tell about themselves through the body language. The works often reflect the relationship of the individual to himself, the interactions between different people, and the dialogue between man and nature.

Anni Kristiina is a member of the South Karelian Artists’ Association, the Lahti Graphic Artists, and the Finnish Graphic Artists.


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